Thalassa Holdings expects high revenues in this year agreements

BVI-registered and AIM-listed entity Thalassa Holdings informed about its expectations to generated btw US$7.5m (£4.9m) and US$10m (£6.6m), from its two seismic services agreements. Thtough its wholly owned WGP Group, the company will provide long term seismic acquisition services to ConocoPhillips Skandinavia. Under the terms of this new agreement, BVI company’s subsidiary will purchase seismic data sets on the Ekofisk field in the Norwegian sector of the North Sea; the initial term of the contract is five years.

Another deal of Thalassa Holdings with TGS-NOPEC Geophysical Company was announced in April earlier this year, and is expected to bring btw US$10m and US$12m already in 2017.

Also, company’s revenues from multi-client data sales and High Resolution 3D are estimated to amount to additional US$9.3m for 2015, with total year revenues estimated to US$18.5m.

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