Pansoft Company Limited signed software system development contract with PetroChina

Pansoft Company Limited, the BVI-registered company providing software service solutions for enterprise resource planning for the oil and gas industry in China, announced that on December 30, 2009  it entered into a significant software system development, expansion and integration contract with PetroChina. The contract, which values at approximately US$5 million (RMB 34.0 million), is the largest single contract in the history of the BVI company, and will include system integration, expansion development, training and technical support.

By terms of the agreement, Pansoft will integrate FMIS 7.0, which is the largest centralized accounting and financial system developed by the BVI company and operating in PetroChina, with PetroChina’s other SAP ERP systems that cover major operation processes and will be implemented and extended to all subsidiaries of PetroChina. The integration project will form a unified information platform and expand the functionality of the current ERP systems to optimize PetroChina’s operations and systems applications.

FMIS 7.0 is a vertical system implemented from PetroChina’s headquarter to its subsidiaries for supporting their budget control, accounting fund management and reporting. The integration project has the purpose to resolve the redundancy in operations and data entry and lack of communication between the FMIS and SAP ERP systems run separately. The integration of the two systems is a step in the evolution towards an “Integrated Total ERP System.”

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