New CEO appointed by BVI company

This month, the British Virgin Islands-based Talon Metals Corp. made an announcement that Mr. Henri Van Rooyen has been appointed as the new CEO of the company. The Talon board has accepted the resignation of Mr. Eddie Scholtz, which is planning to focus on his ongoing role within CIC Energy Corp., another BVI company focused on exploration listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

The new CEO of Talon Metals, Mr. Van Rooyen, has been working with Tau Capital Corp. since 2000, and during the last years his main responsibility was its new business evaluation process and the implementation of exploration and development programs for mineral projects in countries in Africa and Latin America. Before joining Tau Capital, Mr. Van Rooyen was President and CEO of Groupman, a private company that built the largest silica mine in South Africa, and of one of South Africa’s largest offshore diamond exploration projects.

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