Mineseeker Operations signs Memorandum of Understanding

The company NHS Health Solutions, Inc. announced that its wholly-owned British Virgin Islands-registered subsidiary Mineseeker Operations Overseas Limited has formally engaged with a South African company to deploy Mineseeker technology, MIR, across the Southern African Development Community.

The first project discussed will use the MIR technology for the aerial survey of large tracts of land affected by unexploded ordnance. BVI company received a Letter of Intent from the South African company, and has now signed the Memorandum of Understanding which will further entrench the relationship, paving the way for a Joint Venture company, Mineseeker Operations Southern Africa Ltd, which will undertake the contract to survey and clear significant areas of land currently unusable for economic development.

Meetings with the JV partners will take place in Johannesburg, South Africa. Further details of the timing and project value will be released after successful conclusion of the contract negotiations.

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