Malaysian Ernslaw One to purchase BVI- and Hong Kong-controlled Winstone Pulp

Malaysian company Ernslaw One is buying the New Zealand forestry company Winstone Pulp International, for an undisclosed amount of money. The deal is subject to Overseas Investment Office approval.

At present, Winstone is controlled by offshore companies, registered in Hong Kong and the British Virgin Islands. The company owns about 16,500 hectares of forest in the central North Island, a sawmill at Tangiwai and a pulp mill nearby at Karioi, and employs about 300 staff. By the fiscal results at September 30, 2006, company’s forest crop was valued at US$83 mln, and its fixed assets were evaluated at US$38.7 mln. For the same period, company had revenue of US$131 mln, but made a US$10.1 mln loss.

The purchase took forestry plantation of Ernslaw One to 100,000 hectares, making it the fourth largest forest owner in New Zealand. As at June 30, Ernslaw One’s forest estate was valued at US$254 mln.

Managing director of the BVI- and Hong Kong-controlled company David Anderson said the sale would not affect staff levels.

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