Diguang International to acquire land rights in Shenzhen

Diguang International Development Co., Ltd., an emerging China-based leader in the manufacturing of backlights for LCD displays, has announced the acquisition of land rights in Shenzhen at preferential prices.

Diguang International is incorporated in Nevada and has its sales and marketing subsidiary located in the British Virgin Islands. Its manufacturing subsidiary is located in Shenzhen. Now, the company has announced that the government of Shenzhen has approved an industrial land acquisition application made by Shenzhen Diguang Electronics Co., Ltd.

Diguang’s subsidiary in Shenzhen has received from the local government’s land administration the 50 years right to use 34,930.56 square meters of industrial land in the Guangming Hi-Tech Park, National LED Industry Area in Shenzhen. The company obtained this right under a preferential price policy, implemented to encourage high-technology projects in Shenzhen. Shenzhen Diguang Electronics paid the amount of 16,766,669 RMB, the price which is said to be substantially below the current market value of this property.

Diguang’s CEO Song Yi has commented, “Approval of this land use application represents welcome progress in our plans for our subsidiary to expand its production facilities. We are pleased to announce this milestone in the development of Diguang International.”

The purchased land will be used for the production of LED backlights for LCD televisions, computer monitors, LED lamps and other applications.

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