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BVI holding extends collaboration with Canada-based NetraMark Corp

Saturday, December 14th, 2019

Life sciences company Juvenescence Limited and next generation AI + health data technology company NetraMark Corp. announced the extension of their collaboration agreement to include drug repurposing and discovery.

NetraMark is a Canada-based tech venture with dedicated solutions for pharmaceutical and biotech companies. Company’s AI platform was designed to extract insights from complex patient populations for patient stratification, placebo response prediction, drug repurposing, and precision multi-target identification.

CEO of the BVI holding Dr. Greg Bailey commented: “NetraMark Corp. and Juvenescence Limited are pleased to announce the extension of their business relationship. We are very excited to extend the relationship with NetraMark beyond drug resurrection to also include drug repurposing and drug discovery to find novel drugs and drug targets relating to longevity. We see this as a novel collaboration to combine NetraMark’s diverse and unique machine learning platform with Juvenescence, as we are positioned as one of the leading drug development companies in the rapidly expanding sector focused on developing therapies to modify aging.”