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BVI FSC issued Advisory Warning on Citco Trust Corporation Ltd

Monday, February 16th, 2015

The British Virgin Islands Financial Services Commission has issued the first Advisory Warning this year, concerning Citco Trust Corporation Ltd., which operates as Citco Trust Corp. According to the information received by the Commission, this entity is impersonating the company that holds genuine BVI licence and has a similar name  – Citco Trust Corporation Limited. The BVI FSC warns the public that Citco Trust Corporation Ltd and/or Citco Trust Corp. is purporting to act as investment advisor and administrator to an entity named Colonial Equity LLC.

In this document, the Commission also confirms that Citco Trust Corporation Ltd is not registered in the jurisdiction, has never been licenced to carry on financial services business in or from within the BVI, and should not be confused with the BVI-licensed company Citco Trust Corporation Limited.