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BVI-based ASM opened new Indian branch

Friday, May 27th, 2011

Aviation Services Management (ASM), the company incorporated in the British Virgin Islands and based in Dubai, announced that it had opened a new branch in India, Mumbai. The BVI company has the purpose to accommodate an increasing number of high-net-worth individuals.

This is the second ASM’s branch in India, the first one was opened in Goa in 2006. In December 2010, Aviation Services management and Abu Dhabi-based international luxury flight services company Royal Jet formed a joint venture to target the Indian market. Currently, the BVI company provides charter sales and marketing in India for Royal Jet, and Royal Jet operates six Boeing Business Jets as well as Gulfstream G300 and GIV, Embraer Lineage 1000 and Learjet 60 aircraft.

ASM is also looking into many other areas to improve its service to the clients, such as logistics and operations support. Company’s expansion in India anticipates further growth in the business aviation sector. According to ASM, country’s corporate jet fleet currently stands at 450 (136 of them being registered in India), and is projected to rise to 1,200 aircraft by 2020.

The BVI company, founded in 1998, specializes in flight support services, operations consultancy, charter brokerage, aircraft management, flight planning and government and regulatory compliance. Almost half of its business is reselling fuel.

ASM reported US$165 million in turnover last year, this is a 20-percent increase in its business over 2009. The BVI company now employs 40 people in Dubai and the nearby emirate of Sharjah, as well as in the UK, Goa and Mumbai.

BVI company signs Licensing Agreement

Tuesday, May 17th, 2011

The British Virgin Islands-registered company Origin Agritech announced a licensing agreement with a multinational partner, with the purpose to develop high-yielding corn varieties incorporating the Origin Agritech glyphosate- resistant and Bt- traits.

These traits proved to be effective in both lab and field environments, their commercialization is novel to the Chinese market, and they are protected by patents granted separately by China and USA. The BVI company will license the traits to its partner and take the lead in the development and testing activities.

Origin Agritech is the owner of comprehensive worldwide rights to glyphosate- resistant and BT- genes developed by the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS).

According to the Acting Chief Financial Officer of the BVI corporation, this agreement is a milestone for Origin Agritech to validate its GM technology. He said that, after the successful integration of these traits, the company would be seeking to finalize subsequent collaboration agreements to sell these seeds into Chinese and potentially in the other markets.

A-Power’s subsidiary signs LOI with China Machinery Engineering Corporation

Monday, May 9th, 2011

British Virgin Islands-registered company A-Power Energy Generation Systems, Ltd. announced that Shenyang Power Group Company Ltd., an industrial construction company in which A-Power owns a 19.5% interest, signed a letter of intent with China Machinery Engineering Corporation, a major international engineering contractor. The agreement that was signed on April 15 involved the development of a proposed 615 megawatt wind power generation project in Texas.

The purpose of this planned arrangement between the parties is to assist Shenyang Power Group in securing from Chinese sources approximately 14% of the debt financing that is anticipated to be required to develop the project, as well as to find suitable engineering, procurement, and construction contractor for Texas Wind Farm.

According to the Letter of Intent, Shenyang Power Group is to appoint China Machinery Engineering Corporation as EPC contractor for the Texas Wind Farm project and CMEC is to assist SPG in obtaining approximately US$260 million in debt financing from banks and other financing agencies in China for Spinning Star Energy LLC, founded to own, develop, and operate the Texas Wind Farm. CMEC would be expected to procure equipment from suppliers designated by SPG.

Shenyang Power Group was incorporated in May 2009 in China as an industrial construction company specializing in electricity generation projects and manufacturing of power equipment.

BVI-registered A-Power initially had contributed 62% of SPG’s registered capital of 1.0 billion, with the remaining capital contributed by other non-related entities that are active in the electricity generation industry. In October 2010, A-Power sold 42.5% of its ownership in Shenyang Power Group, reducing its ownership in the subsidiary to 19.5%. Spinning Star is the joint venture enterprise owned by United States Renewable Energy Group Wind Partners I, LLC.

China Machinery Engineering Corporation was established in 1978 as the first large national corporation integrating foreign trade with industry, it is a large global conglomerate with engineering contracting as its core business.