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China Gengsheng Minerals received US$10.5 million fracture proppant sales contract

Monday, February 21st, 2011

China GengSheng Minerals, Inc., China-based company manufacturing high-tech industrial materials and making its business through the British Virgin Islands-registered subsidiary Gensheng International Corporation, made an announcement that it has been awarded US$10.5 million follow-on contract for its fracture proppants from a China-based distributor specializing in sales to overseas oil and gas companies.

Shipments to this customer will be started already this month. China Gengsheng Minerals expects to supply approximately 27,000 tons of proppant products over a six-month period.

The Chinese company commercially launched its fracture proppant products in the second quarter of 2007. The company reported full-year 2009 revenue from this segment in the amount of US$8 million.
In the third quarter of 2010, fracture proppant sales achieved a record of US$5 million. To meet the growing demand for its fracture proppant products, Gengsheng signed a 3-year operating facility lease in the fourth quarter of 2010, which allowed to significantly increase company’s fracture proppant manufacturing capacity.

BVI medical corporation to cooperate with Kinetic Muscles, Inc.

Tuesday, February 8th, 2011

Kinetic Muscles, Inc., the US-based company working in the sphere of stroke rehabilitation therapies, and Great Wall Medical Holdings, Ltd., a privately held company incorporated in the British Virgin Islands and delivering cutting-edge medical products and healthcare service solutions to Chinese patients, announced that they will collaborate to deploy products based on Kinetic Muscles’ leading neurotherapy technologies to the Chinese healthcare market.

CEO of the BVI corporation Dr. Eric Tang said in his comments: We are excited to be partnering with Kinetic Muscles to provide high quality and affordable stroke rehabilitation products and services to millions of stroke survivors and people with impairment of neuromuscular function in China, … we have identified Kinetic Muscles’ award-wining robotic neuro-rehabilitation products as an ideal platform for deployment in China. They allow affordable, highly-effective, and state-of-the-art rehabilitation services not only at major hospitals and rehabilitation centers, but also in community healthcare centers and patients’ own homes.”

Kinetic Muscles., Inc. is providing solutions that merge digital and robotic technologies with sound neuroscience principles to deliver ‘Improved Outcomes for More Patients at Lower Cost™’. Company’s products are used in many rehabilitation clinics and by the patients in the home setting.

BVI-registered Tranen Capital to launch Tranen Capital Longevity Notes Ltd.

Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011

British Virgin Islands-registered investment fund Tranen Capital Ltd. has announced the launch of a new Note Program, Tranen Capital Longevity Notes Ltd. The purpose of the new program is offering investors the option to link protective investments to the Tranen Capital Growth Fund Ltd., the fund that manages life settlement policies opportunistically, with several risk-protected structures. These structures will reduce investors’ risk by providing:

– A-rated protection against longevity risk (that of insureds living beyond their life expectancies, the single most important factor in determining the relative success of an investment in life settlements) through the purchase of longevity mitigation insurance that will pay the face amount of any policy held by the Fund that does not mature within the projected life expectancy, and/or

–  A-rated principal protection through the purchase of a structured (zero-coupon term) note, which will return 100% of investors’ principal at the end of the term.

– In addition, investors may choose to hedge, or protect against, the investment risk by purchasing a bond to be used as collateral for an investment in the Growth Fund.

The main focus of the Tranen Capital Growth Fund will be to exploit opportunities in the Life Settlements market, including policies issued by carriers having credit ratings outside the usual bounds, convertible term policies, distressed policies, as well as other opportunistic acquisitions.