China Gengsheng Minerals, Inc. makes presentation at the Annual OC Growth Stock Conference

China Gengsheng Minerals (formerly China Mineral Technologies, Inc.), a leading manufacturer of heat-resistant and energy-saving materials in China, working through its wholly-owned BVI-based subsidiary, has announced that it will make a corporate presentation at Roth Capital Partners’ 20th Annual OC Growth Stock Conference to be held from February 18, 2008 through February 21, 2008 in Dana Point, California. Gengsheng will make its presentation on the last day of the Conference, and the persons representing the company will be Gengsheng’s President, Chairman and CEO Mr. Shunqing Zhang, corporate secretary Mr. Roy Zhang, and independent director and senior technical adviser Dr. Ningsheng Zhou.

China Gengsheng Minerals conducts business mainly through British Virgin Islands-registered Gengsheng International Corporation and its China-based subsidiaries, – Henan Gengsheng Refractories Co., Ltd., Zhengzhou Duesail Fracture Proppant Co., Ltd. and Henan Gengsheng High Temperature Materials Co., Ltd. Some months ago, the BVI-based subsidiary changed its name from Powersmart Holdings Limited to Gengsheng International Corp. The company, itself, changed its name from China Mineral Technologies, Inc. to China Gengsheng Minerals, Inc., with the change of ticker name from CMIT.OB to CHGS.OB.

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