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BVI company’s affiliate listing its shares on China-based Board

Monday, October 12th, 2015

Euro Tech Holdings Company Limited announced that Zhejiang Tianlan Environmental Protection Technology Co., which is its 20 per cent owned affiliated company, had received approval from the National Equities Exchange and Quotations for listing its shares on the New Third Board in the PRC. The New Third Board is the Chinese over-the-counter market regulated by China Securities Regulatory Commission. It functions as a platform for the sale of existing shares or directed share placements for medium and small enterprises.

Zhejiang Tianlan Environmental Protection Technology Co. Ltd., known as Blue Sky, provides a service for design, general contract, equipment manufacturing, installation, testing and operation management of the treatment of waste gases from boilers and industrial furnaces of power plants, chemical plants, and steel works.

Xcite Energy announced voluntary delisting from TSX-V

Monday, September 21st, 2015

Xcite Energy Limited, BVI-registered oil exploration and development company, has applied for voluntary delisting of its ordinary shares from the TSX Venture Exchange. Company’s ordinary shares will remain listed on the AIM market of the London Stock Exchange.

The reason for delisting is the opinion of company’s directors that the minimal trading activity of ordinary shares of the BVI company on the TSX-V market no longer justifies the expense and administrative requirements needed for keeping both listings, and that AIM listing provides sufficiently liquid market to company’s shareholders.

It is expected that Xcite’s ordinary shares will be delisted from the TSX-V at the close of trading on 30 September 2015. The company will also replace its Canadian share register with a new share register in the British Virgin Islands, maintained by Computershare Investor Services (BVI) Limited. The Canadian share register will stay open until 30 November.

Nam Tai Electronics changed its name and corporate identity

Thursday, May 15th, 2014

BVI-registered company Nam Tai Electronics, Inc. changed its name to Nam Tai Property Inc. and started trading on the NYSE under the new symbol NTP. The company announced the changes in the end of April, when it stopped its electronic manufacturing and design services business.

The BVI company announced that it will focus on redeveloping its property in Gushu, Shenzhen, and Guangming, Shenzhen, and convert them into high-end commercial complexes. The core business of Nam Tai Property Inc. will be transformed to property development and management, and the principal income of the company will be derived from rental income from the commercial complexes.

Mr. Koo, Executive Chairman and CEO of the company, commented on the changes of company name and structure: “Our new corporate identity signifies the Company’s transformation from electronic manufacturing and design services to property development and management.”

Xcite Energy Limited announced closing of private placement

Tuesday, December 31st, 2013

British Virgin Islands-registered Xcite Energy Limited made an announcement that it has closed the non-brokered private placements of US$80 million aggregate principal amount of 12.5% unsecured loan notes, and 1,000,000 units, each unit consisting of one ordinary share in the capital of Xcite Energy and one ordinary share purchase warrant. The net proceeds of the private placements will be used to repay company’s outstanding 14% unsecured loan notes, which are valued at approximately US$72 million and at due 31 December 2013.

Upon the admission of the 1,000,000 BVI company’s shares to AIM, its enlarged issued share capital will comprise 292,811,000 shares with one voting right per share. The total number of voting rights in the company will therefore be 292,811,000. There will be a total of 17,250,000 outstanding warrants and 25,652,000 outstanding options to subscribe for Shares.