BVI-registered investor buys Uganda airport

The government of Uganda has defended a proposal of an Arab company to manage and redevelop Entebbe Airport. Dodsal Infrastructure Development, based in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and registered in the British Virgin Islands, wants to acquire a concession to run the airport, to bring it to international standards.

The government of the country planned to develop the airport but did not have money for it. There have been reports that the Government of Uganda had already sold the airport, but they were denied.

Technical committee started work on July 13 to study BVI company’s capacity, locations, its other business ventures and the proposal. It was disclosed also that the process started in September when Dodsal appointed Changi from Singapore as the consultants to study the feasibility of the deal. Later on, Dodsal, Changi and the Government signed a memorandum of understanding that opened way for the study.

In their turn, the Members of Parliament demanded that the ambassadors of the Saudi Arabia and UAE provide information about the investor. Some of them consider it is a wrong step to sell the airport, especially for a land-locked country like Uganda. The task of the government is to explain the arrangement under which the deal was initiated.

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