BVI-registered A-Power Energy Generation to sign contracts worth a combined amount of $72.3 million

A-Power Energy Generation Systems, Ltd., a company registered in the British Virgin Islands, announced that in the mid of February it had signed two domestic contracts to develop distributed power generation systems, for a combined amount of $72.3 million.

The first contract for construction of a 24 MW distributed power generation system for a new paper and pulp plant in Wuzhong, China, $44.5 million worth, is expected to be started in June 2008 and completed in one year.

The second contract to construct a 24 MW distributed power plant in Hailen, China, is $27.8 million worth. The project is expected to begin this month, and also will be completed in approximately 12 months.

Mr. Jinxiang Lu, Chairman and CEO of A-Power Generation Systems, in his comments noted that, as the distributed power generation business continues to accelerate, these new contracts are ‘a testament to the market recognition of the track record and the ability to quickly develop and construct quality systems that meet the specific power and heat needs of the customers’. He also said that, in addition to these new contracts announced, there are discussions with a number of other potential distributed power generation customers, which will be probably turned into contracts over the next months.

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