BVI Group’s Master Fund ranked third by Bloomberg

Venulum Group, multinational private wealth management firm, registered and headquartered in the British Virgin Islands, has reported that its Master Fund is ranked third by Bloomberg among all mortgage backed arbitrage funds in all jurisdictions. Master Fund consists of BVI Group’s subsidiaries Venulum Property Investment Limited, Venulum LLC and Venulum Property Limited.

Venulum Property Investment produced the excellent returns and helped lift the overall performance of the funds. Giles Cadman, Chairman of the Venulum Group, explained that they “have an established team who utilise their skill and experience to create value.” By his words, the group is often criticised for not taking enough risk in the property market, but the last few months have shown that “markets can change and wipe out value very quickly.”

CFO of Venulum Group, Richard Lowden, said that as Venulum is a private company owned by a family trust, and investing on behalf of private individuals, the opportunities to compare its returns with competing funds are limited.

The funds of the BVI Group are privately held, so its listings are not in the public domain, but brokers and independent financial advisors who subscribe to Bloomberg have access to them. The process of registering company’s funds with Bloomberg involves due diligence that is carried out by Bloomberg on Venulum and the Private Placement Memorandums of the funds. Then, it is the responsibility of Group’s BVI administrator Folio Administrators Limited to update the monthly share prices.

Group’s SFO Richard Lowden is sure that the funds will hold up in the dowturn, because the company has taken the risk by focusing on the public sector housing market, and investing cautiously over the past two years, in expectation of the current downturn.

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