BVI Fund RenFin II Ltd. Listed on Bermuda Stock Exchange

The Listing Committee of the Bermuda Stock Exchange (BSX) has made the announcement that it has approved the listing of the Common Shares of RenFin II Ltd., a company incorporated in the British Virgin Islands. The BVI-based RenFin II is registered as a closed end investment fund.

The Company listing was effective from 24 July 2007, for the authorised share capital consisting of 4,999,900 shares of this BVI company. The shares are to be distributed to Qualified Investors by the appointed placement agent, Renaissance Capital Investment Management Limited, another company incorporated in the British Virgin Islands. The Common Shares listing of RenFin II was sponsored by Reid Management Limited.

The investment objective of the BVI company listed is to achieve medium term capital growth through Investments in Financial Institutions in the Russian Region, Central and Eastern Europe. These plans were defined by the Investment Manager as undertaking an initial offering, or undertaking mergers and acquisitions in the next 3-4 years.

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