BVI company won London Stock Exchange Award

West African Minerals Corporation, formerly known as Emerging Metals Limited, has won London Stock Exchange Award as best performing share 2012, at the AIM Awards 2012. The Best Performing Share Award received this year by the BVI company is a factual award based on the share performance of all AIM-listed companies – that is, of about 1,100 companies.

The award was collected by Executive Vice Chairman of West African Minerals Corp., Brad Mills, and Managing Director Anton Mauve, at an awards dinner on 11 October.

Stephen Dattels, CEO and Co-Chairman of the Company, stated in his comments that West African Minerals has had a “highly successful year to date”, and said that the award “reflects the significant shareholder value that is being created – by the founders securing the deal in very difficult market conditions, to the operators who continue to drive the project forward, and by the directors and management who continue to position the company as a leading iron ore exploration and development company in West Africa.”

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