BVI company announced the launch of new mass market smartphone

BVI-registered company China TechFaith Wireless Communication Technology Limited is planning to launch a new 4G smartphone under the brand M2, and to start shipments in the first quarter of this year. The Android-based M2, aimed for mass market, will be one of the slimmest IP68-certified smartphones. It will have a 5.0 inch HD LCD screen with 3rd generation Gorilla Glass, dual cameras, and a host of outdoor applications, among them a barometer, compass, torch light and magnifying glass.

Mr. Deyou Dong, President and CEO of TechFaith, commented on the launch of the new product: “We designed our latest smartphone, the M2, to give us a strong competitive offering to go after higher volume, mass market opportunities in both the Domestic China market and internationally‚Ķ This is one our first models developed specifically for higher volume, mass market opportunities.”

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