BVI-based airline closes sale agreement with NY-based bank, and gets new CEO

Last week, BVI Airways closed the sale of the airline to a NY-based merchant bank, under the terms which have not been made public. The identity of the new ownership group also stays undisclosed.

With this sale, Jerry Willoughby, longtime aviation industry executive, joined the co-founder and chief operating officer of the BVI-based airline Luke Smith, in the role of company president and CEO. Having started his career in the US Air Force, Willoughby has more than 35 years of experience in both military and civil aviation, with extensive expertise in passenger and cargo operations. He was working with Delta Air Lines, where he spent more than 17,500 hours as an international check captain, operating the L1011, B757, B767 and MD80 aircraft. Over the past years, Willoughby has worked as an aviation consultant with an emphasis on management, auditing, regulatory compliance and start-up airline certification.

In the next weeks, BVI Airways will add new aircraft to its fleet; by words of the new CEO, this will also mean new destinations, and the airline has plans to better connect the Eastern Caribbean.

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