BrazMin exchanges its rich gold project interests for significant stock in Brauzauro Resources Corp

Brazauro Resources Corporation has announced that it has agreed to acquire all of BrazMin’s interests in the Tocantinzinho gold project area in Brazil. In exchange, BrazMin will receive 13,150,000 treasury shares of Brazauro, that means approximately 19.9% of the issued shares of the company. The acquisition is aimed at consolidating BrazMin’s mineral interests with Brazauro’s, and extending company’ s mineral land holdings of Brazauro in the area. Currently, BrazMin does not own any shares of Brazauro, either directly or indirectly.

BrazMin Corp. is a company incorporated in the British Virgin Islands and mainly engaged in the acquisition and development of gold exploration field. It has recently published the report about the results for the 2nd quarter and new achievements on the São Jorge Project, which is currently one of company’s most important projects. The agreement between BrazMin and Brazauro, as commented by Tony Ransom, president of BrazMin, allows the BVI company to concentrate its efforts on its own substantial portfolio of projects in Brazil. With BrazMin as a significant shareholder, Brazauro will benefit from the expertise and influence which will contribute to the enhancement of the project.

Brazauro Resources Corporation is a publicly listed company with three gold projects in the Tapajos region of Brazil. In 2004 the Company made a major gold discovery at Tocantinzinho property. The company also continues to explore for other promising properties in the highly prospective Tapajos region.

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