Aurora Metals (BVI) Limited transfers to British Columbia

Aurora Platinum Exploration, formerly Aurora Metals (BVI) Limited, announced on May 6, 2008 that it has transferred out of the jurisdiction of the BVI, and incorporated in British Columbia, Canada. Also, the company has changed its name to Aurora Platinum Exploration Inc. Both changes came into effect on May 5, being the requirements under the arrangement agreement with Nevoro Inc., pursuant to which Nevoro will acquire 100% of the common shares of Aurora. Holders of more than 50% of Aurora common shares have entered into voting agreements with Nevoro and will vote their common shares for the plan of arrangement, which is expected to complete until July 31, 2008.

Aurora Platinum Exploration (formerly BVI company) is focused on mineral exploration and development of its properties in Montana. In the mid of April, it announced Settlement Agreement with Trend Mining Company, having obtained the termination of the joint venture agreement and release of all the claims of interest to its property.

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