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BVI Company News blog is dedicated to BVI International Business Companies. We try to gather the information that can be interesting and useful to BVI company owners, the enterpreneurs involved in offshore business, and for those looking for some news about one of the most popular and effective jurisdictions in the offshore world.

We inform you about BVI business environment, latest events, facts and statistics on BVI International Business Companies.

BVI Company News is divided into thematic subcategories, devoted to different aspects of BVI offshore business.

“BVI Companies Acquired & Sold” subcategory gives information on the transactions involving BVI companies as the object of purchase or sale.

“BVI IBC Business News” inform you on interesting projects, launches and achievements made by BVI offshore companies in their business spheres.

In the “BVI Company Investment Sales” you can read about the transactions in which BVI companies are selling their investments.

In the subcategory “Mergers and Acquisitions” you can get information on the facts of BVI companies participating in acquisition and reorganization.

“BVI Company and Subsidiary Financials” provide statistics and financial results of BVI IBCs and their daughter companies.

“Investors’ News” post the current data about the exchange of shares, public offering, etc.

“Disputes and Lawsuits” post the information on the legal cases where well-known BVI companies are involved.

You can start to explore our blog by viewing the latest posts in the subcategories that are of interest for you.

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