BVI-registered Aurora Metals Ltd enters a Settlelement Agreement with Trend Mining Company

On April 15, 2008 British Virgin Islands company Aurora Metals Limited announced Settlement Agreement with Trend Mining Company. The Agreement concerned the lawsuit filed in the Montana 22nd Division District Court, and the Joint Venture Agreement between the BVI company and Trend Mining concerning its properties in Montana. Aurora Metals filed the lawsuit to obtain judicial confirmation on the termination of the Joint Venture Agreement, and to quiet title to the properties in Aurora Metals.

Pursuant to the terms of the Agreement, Trend Mining has agreed on the termination of the Joint Venture Agreement with BVI-registered Aurora Metals, and released all its claims of interest to the property of the company. The pending litigation on the Joint Venture Agreement and the properties will be dismissed and fully and finally settled.

Aurora Metals – a mineral exploration company whose main focus now is the exploration and development of its Montana properties.

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